July 2012

Newquay Surf 7’s

by admin on July 4, 2012

With fear and trepidation we set off to Newquay with forecasts of thunder, lighting and Armageddon to look forward to. Packing water proofs, an inflatable dinghy and sunnies only made it all the more stressful….which would I wear, would there be enough of the right gear and what if Armageddon happened would Facebook still work to upload photos?

On arrival at 7.30am (another story) we were greeted by a traditional Cornish summer morning. Needless to say the satnav was checked and hasty text messages sent to check I hadn’t wandered into another dimension. I hadn’t and the Akuma family we all in one piece and ready to attack the weekend! Inflatable at the ready the day was great, no rain, no end of the world etc…. a lot of wind but that was it, mixed with sun shine. So the matches played over the extensive grounds rattled on with some close matches and some upsets along the way, which always makes for good rugby!

The most relaxed and laid back of all the events we attended this year I think, not commercial, just a good vibe and all about the rugby and family. What else would you expect from Cornwall dude? Most notable fancy dress during the day were the “super heroes” gang. I use this in the loosest sense of the word, with heroes such as Lube Man gracing the arena, they were on top form. Other mentions go to the man mountain Martin Wolfenden of Hellfish 7’s… good Lord you wouldn’t want to be “tackled” by him! Look at the photos to see what I mean. To the very pink ladies and cheeky ladies from Guildford Gazelles or maybe the TJ Ladies? No that award must go to Jenny Vik! If only you knew..

Last year’s women’s winners, The Moodies were knocked out in the semis with Storm 7 and Sarries playing it out in a very exciting final with Sarries taking the honours at the close of the game! Both sides played such entertaining rugby, once again a wake up for the misconception that women’s rugby is boring!

The men’s elite cup saw a lot of familiar faces and some great rugby, with Akuma cage demons pushing the Army very hard in the first half only to lose out at the tail end to their superior depth. Storm 7 met them in the final having sailed through their matches to that point and once again they made the Army work hard for their victory.

It was good to see on more than one occasion teams having photos taken together showing mutual respect and a real depth of character that sums up all that rugby should be about.

As the sun set plans were hatched, fancy dress prepared and off into town all went….

There seemed to be a lot of lost people and “food poisoning” the following day and the food that these athletes were consuming to aid the food poisoning, nuff said.


To those that came and embraced the weekend, well done and to those that stayed away for fear of Armageddon…shame on you and make sure you come next year as I will bring my inflatable again just in case…..it will be fine. Don’t miss out!

Well off to pre-season for a lot of people now, watch this space for some interesting things coming up….