June 2012

And they are off…Yukon Adventure

by admin on June 29, 2012

The intrepid explorers are off now paddling down the Yukon! As we get updates we will blog about it, however the signal and technical issues from there are proving to be a big challenge…

Having got out onto the lake the guys have noticed the huge drop in temperature to the point were they had frost on them and the boats!! As morning has risen they defrosted as the temperature soared to 20 degrees, lifting spirits considerably. Both teams are still in the main pack.

As soon as they check in again we will update you


Good luck to all the guys!!


West Country 7’s

by admin on June 19, 2012

First time at West Country 7’s was a very wet and windy affair for us. You could feel the crowd willing the sun to come through and to halt the wind and rain. This had mixed result through the day with more than one gazebo needing CPR.

Covering 5 pitches the matches rattled on thanks to an amusing MC, well worth his weight in bacon butties (and that was a lot! just saying!). A couple of hold ups due to major injuries were handled very well and our thoughts are with the players and we wish them a speedy recovery.

It was great to see such commitment from players faced with more than one “David vs. Goliath” situation. From the poor lads of Leamington Mavericks meeting the Army in the first pool game, (they thought they were in a social pool! Hahaha….)to the Raptors playing the Storm International team. Each player stood their ground and fought with pride and passion.  A huge amount of respect to all of you!

In pouring rain the French university women saw off the Wooden Spoons in the final playing with what seemed to be a large bar of soap! Once again the MC exceled himself by showing his off his knowledge of French, tres bon!

The rain gave up for the men’s final but the combination of the rain and the hard fought women’s game created a comedy style slippery pitch that ensured even top class athletes would fall over for no apparent reason! So came the Army and the Akuma All Star UK 7’s team onto the stage. A hugely exciting match was played to a nail biting finale with the Army scoring a try in the last seconds of the game to ensure a 2 point lead and victory.

All that was left was to man the lifeboats and ship out! Fingers crossed for Caldy next week as this is the last leg of the Super Seven tournament….




Rob Cain

by admin on June 19, 2012

We live in a world where old skool values and credibility are being eroded daily. Even in the game of rugby we all love and enjoy, whether its 15’s, 10’s or 7’s there are weekly examples of this.

In contrast there are people that stand out as being different, marching to the beat of a different drum. It’s time we recognise these people, credit them with swimming against the tide and learn from them.

The first person we would like to acknowledge is Rob Cain of Templars 7’s. Many of you will know Rob and the Templars, seen them on the circuit and watched the team spirit that sets them apart from others.  However, how many of you actually know who Rob is and what he does day to day? How many of you have had any dealings with him and experienced how he interacts? If you can say yes to these questions you are one of a very small group. Why? Because this is one of the two reasons Rob stand out from the crowd. He isn’t interested in talking about himself or what he has/is doing always focusing on the team and the charity. The gentle giant conducts himself with integrity, honesty and a loyalty very rarely seen these days. In his team talks (which I don’t want to give too much away) he has a presence that doesn’t push its one that believes in the person, the individual. This empowers them to achieve far above the average.

Secondly he has created a brotherhood that is contagious, people want to be associated and a part of the Templars as a result. It’s an honour to be part of that community. “Once a Templar” The slogan Vivite Somnium (Latin in case you wondered) highlights just how he has achieved that. He could have used the slogan Vive Somnium which is the singular meaning live the dream; however he chose to use Vivite Somnium which is the plural. It’s all an inclusive statement creating a family and cultivating a community that shares the same values

With this in mind surely we can all learn from his personal conduct and that of the Templar team? What if we all tried to walk in his footsteps how would the landscape of rugby change?

On a personal note I consider it a privilege to know Rob and have a small insight into the Templar brotherhood.


Rob Cain we salute you and all you have achieved!




Mike Catt – Yukon Challenge

by admin on June 12, 2012

We met up with Mike Catt the day before he flew out to South Africa for the three test series against the Springboks to get his thoughts ahead of the Yukon challenge.

The weather and surroundings couldn’t have been more luxurious, with the location as always being Pennyhill Park. A huge purpose built gym with everything apart from the kitchen sink and good music! Amidst this chaos of field work Mike took time out to talk about the Yukon challenge sheltering under the trees from the day of sun we have called summer.

For those of you that don’t know what the Yukon challenge is, it is a canoe race that starts east of Alaska on the 27th June 2012 in Whitehorse and ends on the 1st July, just below the Arctic Circle, at Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Athletes join from around the world to test their endurance, racing day and night along the 715km/440 miles of rugged river shoreline to the Klondike in the most spectacular paddling race in the world, also known as the “Race to the Midnight Sun”. On the first day they will need to paddle for 27 hours prior to resting up! With this in mind let’s see what Mike Catt had to say.


Mike thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to chat to us.

So I guess the first question should be what possessed you to do this challenge?

MC: Two years ago Toby Booth who isn’t a runner or cyclist said “I would love to do the Yukon River with you” I thought it would be him and me in a canoe and row down the Yukon. Then it became all the ex-London Irish coaching staff and a challenge! Ah, give it a go and most of all it’s for a fantastic cause and charity.

What training have you done in preparation for the Yukon challenge?

MC: (laughs) trying to get the technique right has been key, using the Canadian style which is pretty much on sided rowing. Then spending loads of time on the Thames, against the current, although we will be rowing with an 8km current so that should be easier…

Its been 7/8 weeks of training so far. Hours and hours on the water with your mates, a bit of water training for some of the rapids we are going to encounter and making sure we keep the water out and don’t capsize the canoe! But nothing can prepare you for 67 hours of rowing! It’s a mind-set thing.

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

MC: I guess listening to Justin Bishop for 67 hours (laughs)! That will be the hardest thing; hopefully he will be quite after the first two hours! If not then I think he will be fish bait or we could dump him on the banks for the grizzly’s to get him….(laughs)

Ah, I think it’s a mental thing we need to get through. Our forces have so many challenges during their careers, you know for us to do this and bitch and moan isn’t acceptable. We will just deal with it and look to achieving the challenge.

Thanks Mike and good luck with the challenge and Justin!


The challenge starts on the 27th of June. Please support the boys by giving generously at http://www.bmycharity.com/InterserveLondonIrishYUKON.

We will be providing daily updates on the challenge along with lots of photos, clips etc. so keep posted!

Akuma are very proud to be supporting the Yukon Challenge supplying the team with all their kit.


Bournemouth 7’s

8 June 2012

Bournemouth 7’s, well what can we say…..mmmm….so much. There has been such a good run on weather at the start of the Seven’s season, was it too much to expect it to keep going? Needless to say I packed my shorts and waterproofs!   Matches spread over 8 pitches over the two days provided lots […]

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Rugby Rocks London

1 June 2012

Well Amsterdam 7’s was fantastic and I wrote about it in the last blog saying that the standard had been set for the circuit this year. Rugby Rocks was the first to be put to the test….. The challenge was always going to be competing with Worthing who had the Super 7’s Series. Something special […]

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