May 2012

Amsterdam round up and review

by admin on May 23, 2012

So Amsterdam7’s are over for another year. This weekend sees the 7’s series going to Worthing and Rugby Rocks London.

I know the old adage “that what goes on tour stays on tour” however there are some things we can talk about, like the rugby!
As events go Amsterdam was well organised and had a very relaxed vibe to it, along with non forecasted sunny weather!
 The level of competition was very high, even in the social pools. Having said that it was the first time I saw the waterboy bring on pints a half time in one match!
So good to see such a spread of teams competing with final honours going to Samurai despite a spirited initial performance from Susie Saloon in the mens final and Canada in the womens beating a very good and much imporved USA team from a week before. Mentions in dispatch definately have to go to Templars with a very exciting looking team, playing some great rugby and had it not been for a lucky bounce on the whistle would have beaten Samurai in the semi finals. One to watch.
As far as players go the stand out players of the tournament were Bui Baravilala of the USA, George Fiji and Templars, Lynne Cantwell of Irish Lightning, Skiebo Roberts and Zandile Zazo of South Africa (such huge work rates) and Mandy Marchak and Jennifer Kish of Canada.
Aside from this, two things really stood out as highlights of the event, firstly that so many emerging countries brought teams to play. Their keeness to play was highlighted when they organised extra games amongst each other once their pool matches were played to gain more experience. Surely this is the essence of rugby the true reason we all get involved and what a lovely comradere.
Secondly the level of women’s 7’s has come so far and in my humble opinion surpassed the men’s games at the weekend. From speed to excitment to ball handling, even far more bone crunching tackles and “oohs” from the crowd. All this played out in front of a packed crowd, what a great finals day and what a fantastic advert for rugby, 7’s and womens rugby in general.
Well done to Amsterdam 7’s and lets see what this week brings…..


UKr7sAkuma Rugby are delighted to announce their continued partnership with UK Rugby Sevens Magazine for the 2012 sevens season. “As a design led company and as industry innovators, our partnership with UK Rugby 7s fits perfectly with our ambitions. This year is set to be particularly exciting, with the launch of UK Sevens TV, a channel dedicated to the Sevens circuit at both elite and grassroots levels across the UK,” said Polly Pithers, Akuma’s Operations Director. Episode 2 will be out imminently and will be showcasing coverage of the first stage of the Super Sevens Series held at Bury St Edmunds last weekend.” If you haven’t seen what’s in store why not check out Episode 1, just click on the link below.

Akuma UK Rugby Sevens TV – Episode 1 – Rosslyn Park


Welcome to the newly created Akuma rugby blog, I will be writing on this as a regular feature, but as with coaching one man’s opinion is not the gospel, so all comments are welcomed.

Tackling and Defence how you tackle dictates the whole of your game plan

Bizarre title but if you think about it tackling is a skill, defence is a composite of skills combined that incorporates tackling, amongst other facets, that combine to make your try line impregnable. How you tackle has an effect on the way the ball is presented at the breakdown. Do you take him to floor, do you wrap him up, do you double tackle?

Chris Chudleigh

Coaching in Conwy

Chris Chudleigh - Coaching Burton RFC Colts

Coaching in action

To teach tackling without reference to how you are going to defend could mean that you practise 1000s of head on tackles in training but actually in a match very few players will make that sort of tackle. So if we are looking at how we teach/practise tackling within the realms of also working on our defensive co-ordination we need to ask ourselves what we are trying to achieve from our defensive efforts? Not “to stop the other team from scoring” this doesn’t have enough detail and is taken as red anyway. But “to press the opposition to the opposite touchline to force them out of space” or “to close down their outside options forcing them back towards our forwards”. Both styles of defence will see a different type of tackle predominantly employed, both should see the attack having either more or less freedom to run dependent upon which defence you operate.

Once you have done this you then need to look at the game beyond the tackle, how do we target regaining possession, too much defence and tackling is about simply stopping the man!

There is lots more to come on this but I would welcome your comments as to how you do it, if you agree or disagree and what you think is the best way.

Looking forward to some interesting opinions.

All the best